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We greatly enjoyed hosting a student with LB '14! It was educational, enlightening, super fun, and life changing! We have made a forever friend!

By hosting a Spanish student, you will have an unforgettable experience getting to know each other, sharing backgrounds, and learning about differences and similarities in both cultures. Many of the Let's Boston matches result in "forever friends."

Ana was a great match for our family. She spoke and understood English really well which made our experience even easier and more engaging. She was open to new opportunities, eager to try new things, inquisitive, social, and adaptable. She was eager to help, friendly, and certainly became part of our family.

The students are welcomed as another member of the family, participating in all daily activities in the home. Talking with the family, preparing meals together, eating together, running errands, going shopping, playing sports, socializing with friends are all opportunities for the student to hear and speak English in real-life situations that they do not have in the classroom setting back at school.

Carlos taught us so much about what it's like in Spain. He was so fun, and courteous, helpful and smart. He was really, really easy, and easy going. He was appreciative of everything we did, and the experiences he took in. We loved having him.

Let's Boston is looking for families interested in young people and willing to open their hearts and home for four weeks in the month of July. Families are asked to share their daily life with their Spanish "son" or "daughter". We do not practice economic discrimination in the selection of host families. The main criteria is the enthusiasm demonstrated by the family about hosting.

There will only be one Spanish student placed per family. The student must have his/her own bed, but may share a bedroom with their host "brother" or "sister".

Hosting a foreign exchange student was not only a learning experience as an exchange of cultures, but more important, it made us get out and explore our own backyard. Our student went home able to say, "I went to Harvard!

Host families provide room and normal meals. The students travel with their own spending money for anything extra such as snacks and treats outside of the house, movie tickets, museum admission fees, etc. Families in return receive the cultural experience of a lifetime learning about Spain directly from the student and sharing their own American culture with their new "forever friend".

We enjoyed having Carmen experience our family's lifestyle and showing her many exciting things like seeing Kevin Bacon on the set of BLACK MASS, visiting New York City and visiting the farm where we work and obtain our produce.

Students have a good level of English to participate in the program, and no other languages other than English need to be spoken in the home. However, it is certainly acceptable to occasionally practice Spanish with your student!

Hosting a student from Spain was a wonderful experience for our family. The student blended in with family activities and the month-long time frame was perfect. Our kids learned a lot about life in a European town and we think our student got to see what real American life looks like too. All in all a great experience. We'd certainly do it again!

Student profiles will be made available to host families upon signing up so that together we can find the student that is the best match for your home. Before arrival, students will send an introductory letter or email to their host family and we encourage families to correspond and get to know the student as much as possible to make the first days as easy a transition as possible.

Open your hearts and home for an unforgettable cultural exchange!

Click here to download the Q&A

Click here to download the 2019 Host Family Guidebook

Click here to download the Host Family Application Form

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